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April 6th, 2009
What Plays in Vegas…

I’m so excited! I got to start a new book today! What a fun, scary process that is. To open up a brand new, blank page, and type in a killer title, and then just let your imagination run wild, inventing all sorts of interesting characters and sizzling situations and—

::sound of a needle scratching across a vinyl record::

Uh…right. Who am I kidding? Let your imagination run wild? Not exactly. Well, not yet, anyway.

I sincerely wish it were that easy! But I am one of those writers who needs to plan a story out in advance. Not in a lot of detail, mind you, but enough to know where I’m going. Maybe a sentence or two about each chapter—the main plot points. And a log line (sort of a TV Guide blurb with specific ingredients that tell you if you’ve actually got a story or just a big yawn). Oh, yeah, and a little chart with each character’s goal and conflict graphed out so when they start digging in their heels and yelling at each other I’ll know why. That always helps.

Okay, it usually helps. Sometimes my characters keep secrets from me. Like the time my hero neglected to tell me until halfway through the book that he was still married. HEL-LO?!? Surprised Did no one tell you this was a romance? Anyway, that one worked out okay. Eventually. (After a stern lecture from me… Yeah, like he actually listened. Ha.) Cole from Warrior’s Bride, in case anyone wanted to know.

Say, speaking of brides… My upcoming July Silhouette Romantic Suspense, book 4 of the LOVE IN 60 SECONDS series (that starts this month!), PRINCE CHARMING FOR 1 NIGHT, is all about a very unique kind of bride. A fake bride. Yes, dear reader, my heroine plays a very naughty bride in a…well, not to put too fine a point on it…a Las Vegas gentlemen’s club. Embarassed

:: More scratching on vinyl::

Ex-cuse me?

Okay, once again. Dude! Did no one tell me this was a romance?

Yes! They did! Can you believe it—-it was actually my editor’s idea to make my heroine an exotic dancer. But you know what? Secretly? I think she really meant a showgirl. LOL!!! But, hey, you tell Nina Bruhns to make her heroine an exotic dancer and you’ve got to know what’ll happen! My hero was pretty darn excited, let me tell you. Laughing

His family? Not so much. The Las Vegas Rothchilds are a pretty snooty bunch. Did you read the description of them in Marie Ferrarella’s launch book of the LOVE IN 60 SECONDS series, The Heiress’s 2-Week Affair? Absolutely priceless! Of course, my guy, Conner Rothchild, is not one of those Rothchilds. He’s from the other branch of the family—the poor branch. They’re only billionaires, not super-gazillion-jillionaires like his stodgy Uncle Harold and murdered cousin Candace. Yeah, okay, so he’s playboy. And a lawyer. (My editor did not make it easy in me!) Sure, but with a heart of gold. Uh-huh. Still. Have I mentioned the man is hot as the Mojave desert in summer?

So what exactly is this sexy paragon doing at a strip joint? Ah! Well, you’ll just have to wait until July to find out his secret!

Hint: read the first three books in this fab series filled with murder, mayhem, and ancient curses in a sizzling Las Vegas setting. But be sure to have a cold drink and a fan on hand.

Meanwhile, back at the keyboard… If PRINCE CHARMING FOR 1 NIGHT is already finished and at the printers… What, you ask, is the book I’m starting on today?

Hmmm. Weelllllll, maybe I’ll tell you next time. But for now, that’ll be my secret. Cool

Have a great week!!!

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