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September 28th, 2007
It’s official

Okay, it’s official. I’m completely insane. To those of you who know me, this is undoubtedly not news. :eek: But this time I’ve really gone over the edge. I’ve signed up for a multitude of classes this “semester.” I love school. I’ve never understood how anyone could not love going to college. I think I went for 12 years or so (off and on between other things). Of course, I tended to take only the classes I liked and not the ones that were required, so maybe that had something to do with my enjoyment. We won’t go into any of the other reasons. My kids might be reading this. (snort) Right.

So I’ve signed up for…hmm, let me count…six (6) classes. 4 online and 2 in person.

Tuesday I started class #1. Four weeks of Photoshop at the local adult ed. The guy who teaches the class is utterly amazing. Two sessions, and I have already learned more than I managed to teach myself in the whole two years I’ve owned the program. Oh, the time I have wasted in my ignorance! My ultimate goal is to learn Photoshop and then Powerpoint, so I’ll be able to put together my own book trailers. :grin: This should be fun.

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