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February 16th, 2011
Buying books for your Kindle overseas

I’ve received a lot of emails from frustrated readers overseas, especially in Australia, wanting to purchase my books for their Kindle. But without a US credit card, it seemed impossible.

I have recently learned of a solution to this problem!

Here’s what you do:
1) Log onto and set up an account using your Australian (or wherever you are) credit card and an email address from somewhere like gmail (or use an account and email you might already have set up). This will be Account A and Email Address A.
2) Purchase an gift card, but send it to yourself at a second email. This is Email Address B. Be sure this email does not already have an Amazon account attached to it. You must not have a credit card of any kind attached to this email at Amazon.
3) Log off Amazon Account A.
4) Set up a second account, Account B, using Email Address B. This is the email where you have already sent your gift card.
5) Use the gift card to purchase your Kindle ebooks.
6) You’ll need to download your ebooks to your computer, and use your USB connection to load them onto your Kindle, since the autodownload feature does not work in most overseas countries. This is because the kind of wireless connection the Kindle uses to talk to the mothership is not available most countries.

I understand the same process works for Apple itunes.

Please let me know how it goes!!!

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