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September 30th, 2007
Too much and Not Enough

When exactly is it too much?

I’ve slowly been watching the premier fall shows on tv this week (on Tivo), and I have to say I’m pretty disappointed so far. Nothing has struck me as particularly outstanding, and in some cases I actually thought the premier was not up to the show’s usual standards. Criminal Minds, Grey’s Anatomy and Law & Order were all big yawns, CSI:NY had an interesting premise, but the writing bordered on amateur. Even Cane was boring, despite Jimmy Smits. I sympathize with trying to come up with something fresh and new, but jeez, this was a flashback straight to Dallas and Falcon Crest. (Did you know that JR Ewing has gone ultra green? Larry Hagman powers his huge mansion totally with wind. Ironic, no?)

Jimmy Smits

My biggest disappointment was Private Practice, the spin-off from Grey’s. I’d really been looking forward to this one, and wow, did they blow it. The plot was insipid, the pacing snail-like, and the cast had no chemistry whatsoever. I’ll give it one more episode just because the pilot was pretty good. What happened?

I was actually appalled by Big Shots. Not that I had expected Westwing or anything. But with the talent they managed to gather for the show, I had expected at least something worth watching. Okay, that’s not fair. It was worth watching. As long as you had the sound off. I mean, who can resist Dylan McDermott with 2 day growth? :lol: But the plot and dialogue were pure adolescent male. Maybe it’s a gender thing. I suppose men probably say the same thing about Desperate Housewives. So I guess I’ll give them a pass. But I won’t watch it. Yuck.

Dylan McDermott

The other show that raised my hair was Ultimate Force on BBC America. Normally I am a huge BBC fan. I love pretty much every mystery/cop show they run. But this one I really feel goes too far. It’s about a police strike force whose members seem to like their job (slaughtering bad guys) just a little too much. I was actually wincing at the characters’ behavior. Normally there is very little shooting in BBC cop shows because British cops don’t carry guns like they do in the States. Frankly, that makes me nervous too. But this goes too far in the other direction. I guess it was their attitude. Yeah, I shot ’em. So what? Give me a little guilt, folks. I want to like the good guys.

Ultimate Force

Boy am I missing the summer replacement shows. I love The Closer, and this summer I thought Damages and Burn Notice were fab. Well, I still have a few things left on the Tivo from this week. And hopefully next week’s premiers will be more worth watching.

Of course, with all those classes I’m taking this fall, the fewer “must see” shows the better. :eek:

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