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White Hot

White Hot
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the hero, Clint Walker

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White Hot
Berkley Sensation
(book 2 of the Men In Uniform series)
ISBN-10: tba
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Nov 2011

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Naval Intelligence officer Clint Walker
is being pursued…

Unfortunately, it’s not by the distractingly hot female captain of the cargo ship he just stowed away on. Chinese agents are after a highly classified data card containing top-secret military intell that Clint is couriering back to the States. He thought he’d given them the slip. But now they are chasing him across the icy seas of the Alaskan Bering Sea, planning a nasty surprise for him, and the entire crew of the Île de Cœur … especially its pretty captain.

Captain Samantha Richardson is running straight into danger…

When her ship is hijacked, Sam is determined to get it back. She will not let her hard-won first command be stolen by a bunch of greedy modern-day pirates. And no damn wannabe hero had better try telling her she’s “just a girl” and can’t fight for her own damn ship. But Clint knows these are not simple pirates after cargo; they are vicious assassins sent to retrieve the data card from him…using any means necessary.

As Clint and Sam go into combat in the treacherous maze of frigid cargo holds below decks, battling to save the ship and the innocent lives of the hostage crew, they both realize they must work together to defeat the deadly enemy. Which means they must learn to trust one another first.

Soon they also realize that the passion exploding between them is far more than adrenaline sex. It is the real thing—true love—and the vows they make in the fever of danger will live in their hearts forever.

But will they live long enough to fulfill those heartfelt promises…? Or will the enemy take down the ship, take back the vital intell, and take out their possibility of a future together…?

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From Chapter One

The Aleutian Islands, Alaska
July, present day