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Prince Charming for 1 Night

Prince Charming For 1 Night
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what stays in Vegas…

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Prince Charming for One Night
Silhouette Romantic Suspense (SRS)
ISBN-13: 978-0373276387
July 2009

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She doesn’t believe in faerie tales.
He doesn’t believe in curses.
Together they’ll learn to believe in both…

Audacious exotic dancer Vera Mancuso is a girl from the wrong side of tracks trying to make good…and totally out of the social realm of wealthy playboy lawyer Conner Rothchild. But when they meet, instant and powerful sparks fly, intensified by the mystical influence of the cursed Tears Of The Quetzal diamond ring, which she has on her finger as she performs–a ring that was stolen from his murdered cousin.

Connor is quickly convinced Vera has nothing to do with either crime. When the FBI arrests her, he arranges her release, and together they set out to catch the real culprit. But just as in the classic tale, Conner’s pretty Cinderella disappears from the glamorous charity ball as they close in on the villain. But this time it is not a pumpkin coach that steals her away from her prince charming. It is a cold-blooded killer.

From Chapter One

Vera carefully shook out the satin skirt of her faux wedding dress and wrapped it around her waist, fastening it over the sexy white, beribboned corset she was wearing. Then she slid on the matching satin bolero-style jacket that made her look oh, so prim and proper, just like a modest, blushing bride. Gathering the yards and yards of see-through veil—-the punters particularly liked when she teased them with that—-she attached the gossamer cloud to a glittering rhinestone tiara that held it in place on her head.


She checked herself in the mirror. Not bad. The dress was actually gorgeous. In it, she felt like Cinderella stepping from the pumpkin coach. Every man’s fantasy bride come to life.

For a split second, a wave of wistfulness sifted through her at the sight of her own reflection. Too bad it was all just an illusion.

She sighed. Oh, well. Maybe someday it would happen for real.

Sure. Like right after Las Vegas got three feet of snow in July.