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Thanks so much for stopping by! Feel free to leave a message, comments, or questions you may have. I love to hear what readers think of my books. Join me on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest! Just use the buttons above.

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50 comments to “Guestbook”

  1. Yes, love the new web site.You go girl!!
    Wonderful author. Keep it up so people like me can find a good book to sit back with and enjoy.

  2. Your new site is fantastic, Nina.
    HAPPY HALLOWEEN! :twisted:

  3. LOVE the new website…it rocks!! Haven’t had a chance to pick up your new Nocturne yet, but I’m so thrilled you’re writing for them! I’ve loved your IM’s, and now the RS…thanks!!

  4. A very interesting site with top design and contents!
    Cool Links

  5. Thanks for making several of your stories available for the Kindle. Being able to order and read one of your books at 11pm at night is a decadent treat!

  6. Will the other cops from Slave to Love be getting their own stories????

    I loved that book and reread it like ten times already, it’s that good and for those who have not read this book due so, but have something cool to drink while doing so it’s that hot!!

  7. Hi Nina! Just wanted to share, I read Prince today and I absolutely loved it!

    I loved that the theft was the plot vehicle but the story was about Seri and Carsh. And I didn’t figure out the “bad guy” until the arrest. A total winner.

    I’m going to have to wander around the site for a while. Apparently I’ve been missing some good stuff. :wink:

  8. Hey Nina,Way to go.After knowing you for ,what,thirty years,it’s great to see some real writers making it happen!More to come later.:)Diana

  9. Wow good for you three books huh? You must be like a proud parent!!!!! :grin:

  10. Yahooooo

  11. :cool: love your night mischief!!! cool

  12. dear nina. please put me on the list for informationa and promo materials for our shop to pass out to customers on the new book series. if you have a arc copy, i would love to read this shoot to thrill. please mail onfo to;
    sharon harbaugh
    10435 airport hwy.
    swanton,oh 43558
    thank you so much sharon

  13. Hi
    I have just finished Night Mischief and felt I needed to let you know how much i loved it. Story and characters very believable and coming from the uk I thought the setting was right.
    Will you be writing a hero for Aurora as i think it would be a great addition to the series?

  14. Can’t wait to read your two upcoming books. They both sound AWESOME!!!

  15. hi nina, just wanted to let you know my daughter and i enjoy your books. we especially enjoyed ghost of a chance and forbidden enchantment. my daughter loves to write and is in college and writes a lot of articles for her english class. thanks

  16. Can’t wait for Shoot To Thrill comes out!!

  17. Reading Shoot to Thrill. It’s a good read, I recommend this to everyone! I especially like how vunerable Kick is and how strong Raine really is. It’s a good combination.

  18. OK finished “Shoot to Thrill” I really liked it. Loved the characters and the suspense. Only thing I want to know is what happens now? Where’s Gina? Do we get more of Kick and Raine? Can’t wait for Marc’s story to unfold…..thanks

  19. I loved the book. Can’t wait for your next in the series. I’ve read & enjoyed your Silhouette romances but you’ve actually surpassed yourself. Many a times books marketed as Romantic Suspense are less on the romance part, but you just hit the right combo. I hope you write more in the series esp. Alex’s & Rebel’s story, also Gina’s.

  20. Just finished Shoot to Thrill. Loved it. Waiting to hear what happens w/Gina. Left a review at Amazon.

  21. What happened to Gina??? When will we find out? This was the first book I have read by you and I loved it. Loved the description of the men in the book. I think every woman loves to read about strong dangerous men!!!Can’t wait.

  22. what happened to gina? i reread the book twice and still don’t understand. i loved the book shoot to thrill and can’t wait for the next!

  23. :grin: Hai Nina! The first time I read your book, what a surprise… I totally fall in love with it. “The Night Mischief” really captivated me. Two thumbs up for you…. From your Malaysia Fan.

  24. Hi, Ms. Bruhns, just finished Shoot to Thrill. This is the first book of yours I have read. Very impressive, interesting, and held my attention from cover to cover. Do you think Gina will have a story? Looking forward to reading If Looks Could Chill.

  25. Just finished Shoot To Thrill and can hardly wait for Marc’s story next. Loved reading about characters that are sexy AND smart, and about women that aren’t afraid to kick ass when needed.

  26. Hi. I read “Shoot to Thrill” and “If Looks Could Chill” last week, and they were awesome. Now I can’t wait for Gina and Gregg’s story!!! Keep up the great writing. :grin: :grin: :grin:

  27. I have read both Shoot to Thrill and If Looks Could Chill and can not wait for the next book but will it have Alex and Rebel in it if not when will they have their story told?
    Love your work!

  28. Just finish reading If Looks Could Chill…….can wait for the story of Alex and Rebel (hope they have a story together) and Zimmie and Quinn too……

  29. I’ve read both Shoot to Thrill and If Looks Could Chill on my kindle. I’m anxiously awaiting being able to get A Kiss to Kill on the kindle also. I love my kindle for several reasons, but a big one is the fact that I can upsize the print so I can read it more easily with my “getting old” eyes. This series has been my introduction to your work, and I’m liking it – thanks.

  30. I have just discovered your books, I picked up a copy of Shoot to Thrill and I am hooked! I am getting the next two in the series! I hope we find out what becomes of poor Alex Zane. You’re a wonderful author, I’m so glad I found you, thanks for your talent, you’re a fantastic story teller, you had me from page 1.

  31. :grin: WOOHOO! THE COVERS ROCK!! :roll:

  32. :lol:
    You’re Yes. I adore You and Yrs so much. I enjoy Yr Verb¡
    2011 Best Wish, Kisses and Blessed Be¡

  33. Former student request your release/waiver in regard your name mentioned in an Essay.

  34. Nina,
    I just wanted to tell you how much I love your books! I found you by chance last Aug. after receiving my first Kindle. I actually found Nakita Black first. My first intro into your style was Cajun Hot. Wow! To date, I have read everything by you, and can’t wait for more! Thank you for the enjoying reads!

  35. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the new book (Red Heat)…. I discovered you with “Shoot to Thrill” and was hooked. I’ve had “Red Heat’s” publication date on the calendar for a while now. After reading it, I have since begun reading your previous books. I am more than half way through them, and I must say that you are a very talented writer. I read … well… obsessively. There are very few authors that I have found that consistently write well developed characters and stories. Some stories are inevitably going to be better than others, but I tend to buy books based on the author. I chose them because of there writing style. I know that when I buy a book from certain authors, no matter what the story matter, I will not be disappointed with it because of the way the author writes. With some, you really never know what you are going to get. Few have the ability to put the words together in a way that grabs you in the first few pages, and holds you there through the entire book. You, in my well read opinion (of this genre), are one of those authors. There are actually only two others that I’ve discovered that I have that opinion of….one being Lora Leigh, and the other Megan Hart. I do have a long list of authors that I consistently read and greatly enjoy most of there works, but I know when I pick up a book by one of these authors; I’ll be sucked into the book by the first few pages. I’ll come away feeling as I know each character intimately, and have lived that story with them. That is a very challenging thing to accomplish when writing. After reading most of your books, I’d say that you have been blessed with that ability also. So, thank you for sharing that amazing gift with the rest of us. I will be waiting for the sequel to “Red Heat”… (Which, by the way, I do believe is your best one yet). I just hate that I’m going to have to wait so long to read it. Happy writing! :razz: Melissa Dauer

  36. :grin: Love your books and just wanted to say hi.

  37. add me to newsletter

  38. LOVE YOUR BOOKS!!!! They are some of the best (and few) awsome books i have every had the pleasure to read. Cant wait to read more. Love your style and realism.

  39. Thank you so much for your help with my manuscript at Margie Lawson’s First Coast Romance Writers workshop. I appreciate the input and agree with everything you said. Hopefully, you will see my published soon.
    Tmonique Stephens

  40. I just got finished reading Warrior’s Bride I couldn’t put down until I finished it. Loved it. First one of your books that I read, will read more books of yours on my Kindle Fire!

  41. :razz: Love your site. So nice to visit this special space.

  42. :grin:loved your book cajun heat can’t wait to read more of your ebooks I also have a few of your paper backs and just can’t put them down keep up the good work

  43. Hi Nina, I read Warrior’s Bride. Read my thoughts about your novel on Flirty & Feisty Romance Novel page @!/story.php?story_fbid=333585796683131&id=117094721659024&ref=brem&__user=100001082510492

  44. :lol: i loved reading warrior’s bride. Can’t wait to read more of your books

  45. :grin:Slave To Love, I just finished it my first for the author. I am a new fan not to mention my delight to discover she has many other books.
    41/2 star for me

  46. It was my pleasure to meet you in Charleston at the fab Sophia Institute. Hope to attend a writers event with you again.

  47. Love the New Orleans Trilogy series but where is the third book.

  48. Love your work. Thanks!

  49. Hi Nina,
    I have really enjoyed looking through your entire website. It is a work of art. Just reading your Bio alone made it easy to see why you are such an accomplished and successful author. I will be certainly be reading your books. How can I not? It would be nice to meet you one day and talk to you all about your knowledge of ancient Egypt. It kind of reminded me of Raiders of the Lost Ark. I’ll buy lunch!
    Very nice to neet you.
    Best Wishes,
    Ed Blazek @EdB2630

  50. Just discovered you through Kobo. My first book was Warrior’s Bride and haven’t stopped reading your books. Love the depth of character development, the work and presentation of the details within the plots… I am a recent new reader of the genre… I am now a devoted fan :)

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